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Thrifting Triumph

Thursday, November 17, 2011 10:13 PM

Thrifting luck: Some people have it. And by "some people," I mean Jentine. Seriously, she finds the most interesting and high-quality treasures in those Hamilton thrift stores. 

I'd say my thrifting luck is decent; I've found brand-new shoes and several great skirts. But it hit a new high last week on a visit to the Augusta Goodwill. I was looking for some ratty blankets to cushion our furniture in our move, and I did find them: two old comforters labeled "dog blanket — as is" for $2 apiece. Mission accomplished. But of course I couldn't leave without browsing the clothes and accessories as well. And here's what I found:

Yes, it's a scarf. I love stripes and I love purple and I love silk. But take a closer look:

My first designer thrift score! Usually the high end of what I find on the racks is Banana Republic or J. Crew. My Googling suggests that this is the real thing. I think the folks at the store must have overlooked this little scribble, because the usually seem to have some idea of what they're dealing with in terms of labels or materials — for example, on the same trip I came across a pair of Cole Haan pumps (not in my size) marked at three times the normal price for shoes. But the scarf was only $2, less than several of the polyester ones in the bin with it.

Anyway, coming across little gems like this is what makes thrifting my favorite kind of shopping. And it makes me even more excited for my next expedition — I think my luck is moving in the right direction!

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