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Monday, November 28, 2011 9:00 PM

After wearing my newest clothes yesterday, I decided to wear my oldest work-appropriate clothes today. I bought this dress and these shoes in high school.

I bought the dress senior year because I needed a black dress to wear under my graduation gown. It was $40 on sale, and I gagged a bit at the price — perhaps the most I had spent of my own money on any one garment to that point, except for my prom dress. That was a good night's worth of wages and tipshare from my restaurant hostess job.

The shoes I bought sometime earlier in high school, but I don't remember exactly when. I found them at Journeys, a store at the mall that mostly sold skateboarding shoes. (Hmm, apparently they're still around, and pretty widespread.) I was never into the skater style, but Journeys sold some other cute shoes sometimes, and at some point I happened upon these Mary Janes. For $20 shoes, they've held up remarkably well. They're super-comfortable, and I wore them to salsa classes when I lived in South Florida the summer after graduating college. But now they're starting to look pretty worn, and I'm casually looking around for some replacement Mary Janes, in patent leather this time.

pic name pic name

Blazer, Banana Republic (2010)
Dress, Gap (2004)
Tank, Hanes (no clue how old)
Gray tights, Old Navy - 10 cents! (2011)
Lace tights, Hanes (2011)
Mary Janes, Classified

I can't wear it to work, but here's the piece of clothing that is truly my oldest:

My elementary school had a music group where students played Orff instruments: xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels. It was only for fifth graders, and I was so excited to join when I was old enough! For some reason they ordered our T-shirts in adult sizes, so yeah, it still fits.

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